Current projects


One Comprehensive Research-Intensive European University

Building the European University of the future

As the 4EU+ Alliance, we aim to create an integrated European University that seamslessly connects its eight member institutions.

This is 1CORE – One Comprehensive Research-Intensive European University. On 27 July 2022, this 4-year project was selected under the 2022 European Universities call launched by the European Commission.

The 2019 European Universities Initiative call supported the 4EU+ Alliance vision to kick-start the building up of a truly integrated university system. In 2022, the Alliance committed to further deepening the collaboration established over the previous years in education, research and innovation among member universities.

1CORE key objectives

In the new project, the 4EU+ Alliance will focus on consolidating a model of One Comprehensive European Research-Intensive University based on a common multi- and interdisciplinary educational offer, research-based, innovative pedagogies and enhanced physical and virtual mobility. Through 1CORE, we aim to deepen the multidimensional student-centred approach and develop new joint digital infrastructures and services, with the view of further improving our existing governance and management framework.

1CORE management

The 1CORE project is coordinated by the Association 4EU+ European University Alliance e.V., created in 2021 to foster coordination and efficiency among 4EU+ member universities. The project involves Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic), Heidelberg University (Germany), Sorbonne University (Paris, France), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Milan (Italy) and the University of Warsaw (Poland). The University of Geneva (Switzerland) – a member of the 4EU+ Alliance since summer 2022 – will participates in the project-related activities with the financial support of the Swiss government agency Movetia.

1CORE work packages

The project encompasses seven work packages:

WP1: Project management and coordination

T1.1: Setting up a management framework for the project

T1.2: Administrative and financial management of the project

T1.3: Quality management and assessment of the project

WP2: 4EU+ curricula: towards a joint educational offer

T2.1: Framing and structuring innovative curricula tailored to 4EU+ students

T2.2: 4EU+ Centre for Innovative and Digital Teaching and Learning

T2.3: Mobility scheme enlarging access for students

M6: Tackling obstacles for seemless mobility

WP3: Flagships: research-based education

T3.1: Defining components for new flexible individual pathways

T3.2: Towards 4EU+ joint study programmes

T3.3: Creating 4EU+ environment for PhD candidates

T3.4: Challenge-based approaches to support flagships' development and excellence

Deliverable D3.1: Annual Portfolio of Flagships´ activities – 1st report

WP4: At the service of the European society

T4.1: 4EU+ Professional learning Academy

T4.2: Mainstream Open Science in 4EU+ universities

T4.3: 4EU+ University Press

T4.4: Develop knowledge sharing approaches within the Alliance and for society

T4.5: Disseminating the values of a green, digital and resilient 4EU+ Alliance

WP5: Inter-university campus infrastructure and services

T5.1: Enable 4EU+ communities to access digital infrastructures, solutions and services

T5.2: Student portal

T5.3: 4EU+ services

T5.4: Data Management Policy

WP6: Sustainable governance of the Alliance

T6.1: Continuously evolving the 4EU+ common management and governance structures

T6.2: Procedure of assessing sustainability

T6.3: Building the 4EU+ academic community

T6.4: Piloting and further developing of the QMS 4EU+ QUALITY for effective governance

WP7: Communication and dissemination

T7.1: Communication and dissemination plan

Deliverable 7.1: Communication and dissemination plan

T7.2: Communication activities

T7.3: Dissemination events

T7.4: For students and by students' communication

The joint work plan contains activities that are the most relevant to reach the Alliance’s strategic objectives and that will enable them to achieve the long-term vision of European Universities. According to the 4EU+ Alliance’s updated joint strategy, the joint work plan addresses the following six strategic dimensions: