Displacements: gendered-based violence, women’s writing and creative practices in modern Central and Southeastern Europe

Project type: Charles University Mini-grant 2023

Flagship: Flagship 2

Project leader at CU: Mgr. Eva Krásová, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts)

Participating universities: Sorbonne University, University of Warsaw

Using a transnational and interdisciplinary approach, the research program confronts the polysemic category of displacement/dépaysement (exile, disorientation, dislodgement…) with the literary and artistic trajectories of Central European women. We aim at observing how the experience of gendered-based oppression fuels the literary and artistic practices of women from a region that has been torn between different imperial structures, marked by mass violence (the Holocaust, forced migrations, war crimes…) and where culture has always been permeated by a strong dialectical relationship between norms and transgressive gestures.

The aim of the project is:

  • To bring together European scholars and PhD students of different methodological orientations (gender studies, philosophy, history, literature, arts), launch and foster their cooperation by establishing an international research network (methodological seminar, Erasmus+ lecturers exchanges, research blog).

  • To raise students, colleagues, and wider public awareness to the gender-based violence endured by Central-European women and to practices of their creative resilience: from different forms of changing yet constant oppression to transnational trajectories and the specificity of women's role in (Central-)European history, leading to a better understanding of both the European past and present.