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Doctoral candidates

Welcome to the 4EU+ community! As a doctoral candidate, you can benefit from a range of options to further advance your academic development. At 4EU+, we provide a supportive environment that caters to both your roles as a student and a young researcher. You can take advantage of a diverse range of courses, educational offerings, and mobility options. But you also have the opportunity to initiate international collaborations and actively participate and contribute as a team member to the development of educational and research projects.

At 4EU+, doctoral candidates are a key force behind the Alliance’s mission to address contemporary issues and find solutions for global challenges. That’s why we are committed to providing the resources and network for you to reach your goals.

Any new ideas or existing projects that need a boost? Get in touch with the 4EU+ Student Committee, which includes doctoral candidates and also represents their interests, or your local 4EU+ office.