The programming power of the placenta: A short-lived organ with a long-lasting impact on global health

Project type: Charles University Mini-grant 2023

Flagship: Flagship 1

Project leader at CU: PharmDr. Rona Karahoda, Ph.D. (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Participating universities: University of Copenhagen, University of Geneva

This network will exploit the expertise of European research units and set up synergistic collaborations of experts in the fields of placental (patho)physiology, reproductive sciences and computational biology. Utilizing the opportunity of staff and student exchange mobilities, the project intends to employ a unique set of placenta models and computational methods to gain insights into the impact of the intrauterine environment on long-term human health. Such knowledge is expected to assist in identifying susceptible individuals at risk for adult disease and contribute to the discovery of therapeutic approaches to prevent or ameliorate long-term effects.

Addressing the global implications of early-life exposures in research and medicine could efficiently promote healthier lifelong trajectories across generations. On a universal scale, the synergism between partners of this project, led by in-depth biological knowledge and cutting-edge computational analysis, is expected to promote long-term health and lower healthcare costs.