Visual teaching in challenging themes for teacher practice

Project type: Charles University Mini-grant 2023

Project leader at CU: doc. RNDr. Petr Ċ mejkal, Ph.D. (Faculty of Science)

Participating universities: Sorbonne University, University of Warsaw

Universities play a central role in building society's capacity to address some of the most pressing societal challenges we face today. Even if this statement is generally true, universities play an irreplaceable role in preparing future teachers and educated EU citizens. Teachers and people who are able to educate others are seen as agents of change who put into practice important topics such as i.e. the development goals of the European Union. Teacher education for current challenging topics important for the development of the EU and the transformation to the educational society is thus a desirable innovation in the education of not only teachers. Such education can be described by five types of problems that need to be solved – designing the learning environment, understanding learner attributes, measuring learning outcomes, promoting systemic change and advancing visions in the field.

The project aims to prepare an/or newly develop examples of good practice in selected topics important for the EU (e.g. energy sources vs. green energy sources, healthy lifestyle, healthcare, sustainability, catalysis, etc.) and to discuss them (and in general as well) during online and face-to-face workshops. It can be considered as a possible way to effectively prepare future science teachers and potential educators to teach the mentioned topics with the effective use of up-to-date innovative teaching methods (IBSE, hands-on experiments, gamification, etc.) and modern technical means, especially virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, etc. We see it as one of the possible ways to transition to an educational society.