From Silence to Resilience II: Assessing the Communication of Public Institutions

Project type: Charles University Mini-grant 2023

Flagship: Flagship 2

Project leader at CU: PhDr. Tereza Klabíková Rábová, Ph.D. (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Participating universities: University of Milan, University of Warsaw

Based on the previous collaboration and a thorough elaboration of the detailed state of communication of public institutions, their public silence and/or communication mistrust and disunity (from academic and professional point of view), exchange of Polish, Italian and Czech practical, social, political and academic experiences and mutual consideration of the best possible continuation and development of the topic, the team will work in the second part of the research cooperation on a model of evaluation of public institutions at different levels within the framework of the project named : From Silence to Resilience II: Evaluation of Communication of Public Institutions. Meanwhile, other political and social developments have further demonstrated how appropriate, consistent and functional public administration communication is essential for public and stakeholder resilience. We will therefore work on a methodology for assessing institutional communication in an well-established team, in parallel with an attempt to incorporate it into a joint European grant.

The core of the project is the organisation of two seminars: one preparatory and the other a public roundtable meeting of experts (with the possibility of publishing the presented outputs). Therefore, we (an established research team from Milan, Warsaw and Prague) foresee to organize one workshop in Milan and then one panel discussion in Prague, streamed for the rest of the 4EU+ consortium audience (both in spring 2023), which we consider the best way to provide students and academics with the research results.