4EU+ BLOOD-GAS: Education and Research Joint Initiative in Acid-Base Physiology and Homeostasis

Project type: Charles University Mini-grant 2023

Flagship: Flagship 1

Project leader at CU: doc. MUDr. František Duška, PhD. (Third Faculty of Medicine)

Participating universities: Charles University, University of Copenhagen, University of Milan

4EU+ BLOOD-GAS is an initiative with overarching aim to reinforce and boost the cooperation among the participating universities in acid base research and education. In 2023, team meetings and exchanges of PhD students will be organized and new research questions and ideas for joint educational events examined. The second edition of the 4EU+ Summer School of acid-base and homeostasis will be held in Prague in September 2023 with the aim to establish a tradition and organize the event annually in Prague, Milan or Copenhagen.