Flagship 1

Urban Health and Demographic Change

Changing urban environments and demographic development have a direct impact on the health of our citizens. To take on the interconnected issues of an ageing population, increasing urban density and environmental impacts on healthcare demands, this flagship focuses on the development of new multidisciplinary approaches to research techniques, teaching and learning methods regarding this pressing societal topic.

The video is multilingual, with each Flagship representative speaking in their native language. You can watch the video with English subtitles by clicking on the CC icon at the bottom of the video.

Coordinated by Charles University, this flagship focuses on health and well-being of its citizens, prolonging their active and productive life as it is reflected in the priorities of the European Union as well as in the global Sustainable Development Goals (especially #3 and #11) portrayed by the UN. The flagship is based on the premise that public health has no borders and requires joining forces across universities and disciplines. Urban environments are of central concern here because they are the places where environmental impacts are strongest, population density is highest, but also research and knowledge transfer are concentrated. To provide healthy urban environments for many citizens, medical, environmental and social scientists are united under the flagship in order to come up with ideas and outputs to maximise societal impact.

Combining project-based education and research

Education and research are closely linked within the flagship and innovative student-centred teaching methods are promoted. Core curricula with flexible modules are to be introduced and attention will also be paid to the mobility of students and staff, be it in physical or virtual form.

Flagships play an essential role in meeting the objectives of the Erasmus+ project. The aim of the project is to develop 4EU+ Flagship degree programme that will be unique in its innovative approaches to education. Towards common learning pathways in 2022, all the projects in Flagship 1 will support innovative pedagogies, transversal competencies and different ways of meaningful mobility. However, in Flagship 1 there are also different initiatives and activities involved. In terms of the Erasmus+ project, Flagship 1 focuses on two strategic initiatives that are in accordance with the missions declared for Horizon Europe: cancer studies and smart cities. In addition, dozens of other projects are being carried out in Flagship 1 to meet the stated goals.

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Flagship 1 leaders:

Prof. Luděk Sýkora, CU

Prof. Antonella Delle Fave, UniMi

Prof. Ulrike Gerhard, UHD

Flagship 1 Program Committee:

CU: Luděk Sýkora, Josef Fontana

UHD: Ulrike Gerhard, Christiane Schwieren

SU: Marie Aude Vitrani, Alexandre Escargueil

UCPH: Flemming Konradsen, Karen Lauterbach

UniMi: Antonella Delle Fave, Mariapia Abbracchio

UW: Catherine Suski-Grabowski, Grzegorz Kula