Results of the second call for educational projects

Out of 47 proposals submitted in the second call for 4EU+ joint educational projects, 30 proposals have been selected for funding, following a three-step evaluation by the local 4EU+ Officers, Flagships' Programme Committee and educational experts.

All the projects are based on innovative educational ideas and strong student involvement. Each of them is thematically related to one of the four 4EU+ Flagships.

The project teams bring together academics, doctoral candidates and students from at least three 4EU+ universities.

The projects vary in form and include workshops and other short-term intensive learning activities, joint courses and modules, core curricula or joint study programmes.

The implementation of the projects will start in June and will continue until the end of the funding period of the Erasmus+ “European Universities” project (October 2022).

Together with the first call for joint educational projects, 4EU+ Alliance now has 61 initiatives contributing to the development of a common 4EU+ educational framework, a primary, long-term goal of the Alliance's mission.