7th 4EU+ Steering Committee meeting in Prague

On 23rd May, 4EU+ Steering Committee held its 7th in-person meeting at Charles University in Prague.

Main topic of the meeting was research and educational cooperation within the 4EU+ Flagships. Agenda of the upcoming webinar for the Flagship Program Committees was finalized and the role of the newly created body discussed. A considerable amount of time was also dedicated to the engagement of the students in the Alliance and planned activities and events aimed for the students.

“We decided to cooperate regardless the success of the European Universities call because there are many things we want to do together. It is really inspirational to be at the helm of the big changes and I love it,” says Prof. Lenka Rovna, Vice-Rector for European Affairs of Charles University. “4EU+ is very strong because we build this Alliance on already established knowledge of each other. We are different but also similar,” comments another member of the 4EU+ Steering Committee Prof. Antonella Baldi, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation at the University of Milan. “Our strength is that we are fairly homogeneous comprehensive universities very strong on research,” adds Prof. Dieter W. Heermann, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of Heidelberg University.