#GrowingTogether: Discover the results of the SEED4EU+ and Visiting Professorships calls

The 4EU+ Alliance is delighted to announce the outcomes of the two significant initiatives, SEED4EU+ and 4EU+ Visiting Professorships. Both calls, launched to stimulate collaborative research and educational activities, and promote out-of-the box projects, received substantial response from academics and researchers across the 4EU+ member universities.

Driven by our mission to create One Comprehensive Research-Intensive European University, the Alliance opened these funding calls with a focus on expanding interuniversity cooperation and enabling the 4EU+ community to grow together. Today, we are pleased to announce the selected projects that represent a strong commitment to holistic development and collaboration.

The SEED4EU+ call received 42 applications from teams involving altogether more than 400 academics and students. Out of these, 17 projects have been selected for funding. Over half of the applications involve more than three 4EU+ member universities. The funding of this initiative comes from the budgets of 4EU+ member universities.

Under the 4EU+ Visiting Professorships initiative, 9 candidates selected from among 22 applications. Funded by the budget of the 4EU+ European University Alliance association, the successful candidates will undertake joint educational and research activities during the stay of two to three months at another 4EU+ university. They will contribute to the development of new educational frameworks and areas of expertise, promoting the exchange of skills across our universities.

The response to the two #GrowingTogether calls has been considerable, reflecting the collaborative spirit integral to the Alliance. Their results, and the variety of funded projects are a testament to the shared commitment of 4EU+ to further integrate all university missions and foster a vibrant community of academics, researchers and students.

Acknowledgment and thanks are extended to all the many experts who participated in the evaluation process. Congratulations to the selected project teams whose future contributions to the 4EU+ Alliance are anticipated with great interest.