RESONANT+ RESearch cOllaboration in the area of iNstitutional trANslator Training

Project type: Charles University Mini-grant 2023

Flagship: Flagship 2

Project leader at CU: PhDr. Bc. Tomáลก Svoboda, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts)

Participating universities: Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, University of Geneva, University of Warsaw, Ionian University, Greece (external partner)

Institutional Translation (INTN) is a recent sub-discipline of Translation Studies. Translation is of paramount importance to all types of institutions, mainly international ones, to communicate their core values and raison d’être to citizens. As a result, translation is at the heart of democracy and of the European project. INTN is typically associated with supranational/international institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, etc.), it is standardised, and standardization is achieved e.g., through training arrangements (such as Continued Professional Development, CPD). Thus, in turn, research into translator training practices in institutions is essential for the understanding of INTN. The Resonant team members are top researchers in the field (cf. Institutional Translator Training, Routledge 2022).


  1. Joint research in INTN, studying CPD practice in translator training in and for EU institutions and national institutions in Europe; Considering the creation of an international research centre in INTN

  2. Enabling Open Access availability for selected chapters (and/or entire book, funding permitting) of a joint publication Institutional Translator Training

  3. Preparing an application for EU funding: Alliances for Innovation (A4I)

  4. (Minor component) Updating a course outline, course syllabus, including its modular structure, for the teaching of INTN in partner universities. The initial research (cf. deliverable no. 1) will feed in to the updating exercise (research-based education)"