Get involved


Welcome to the 4EU+ community! If you're studying at one of our universities, your student identity expands beyond your home institution – you're a 4EU+ student. This gives you access to an array of educational resources available to members of 4EU+ universities. You will also enjoy ample opportunities to actively participate in shaping an integrated European University.

From shared courses, joint degree programmes, joint educational activities, summer and winter schools to in-person and virtual events – at 4EU+, every student can get involved. These are all part of our commitment to bolstering your advancement, enabling your active involvement, and enriching your academic journey.

As a 4EU+ student, the Student Committee is your central point of contact. Don't hesitate to get in touch with its members to express your ideas, share your concerns, or simply learn more about the 4EU+ student community.

Whether you are new to the community or already actively engaged, come explore many more ways to share your experience, exchange ideas and create new projects with your fellow students across the 4EU+ Alliance.