Flagship 3

Digitisation - Modelling - Transformation

In Flagship 3, we use mathematical and computational methods to solve challenges related to both engineering and societal problems. Our goal is to contribute to solutions that aim not only to take technology to an unprecedented level, but also to support the transformation of society into the digital/AI age. This transformation will have a significant impact on issues such as quality of life through learning healthcare systems, Industry 4.0, and the digital transformation in society. It is also the key to tackling climate change and to using technology to achieve the EU’s Green Deal targets. Students and the next generation of researchers are being trained in these technologies to be even better equipped to fulfil their societal responsibility as scientists.  

Digital data, combined with intelligent analysis thereof, is the foundation of most – perhaps, in the future, all scientific disciplines. As universities of excellence in both education and research, our seven participating 4EU+ members are and must be at the forefront of this development. By pooling our expertise and ambitions, Flagship 3 aims to provide a wider and broader platform with a greater variety of educational pathways and opportunities, thereby increasing the potential and opportunities for both our researchers and students. We work in our core disciplines of Computer Science and Mathematics as well as in various fields of application, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Economics. We also more generally support any activity that involves the manipulation of models, data, and transformations. Our aims are put into practice through our projects listed below. 

With projects for Bachelor level students, two Master’s degree programmes currently in development, and an annual Summer School for PhD and Master’s students, Flagship 3 spans all levels of higher education. Our annual ‘Integrative Think Tank (ITT)’ connects advanced Master’s students and PhD candidates with industry representatives, confronting them with real-world challenges and putting their research into practice on a societal level. Our ‘Thinking AI’ project brings computational research methods further into traditionally more analogue fields, while our ‘Data Literacy’ project is aimed at the public and at empowering individuals to make more informed decisions about their digital behaviour. 

Flagship 3 introductory video (2022)