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4EU+ Coffee Talk on Inclusive education: Engaging diverse perspectives in a multifaceted discussion (24 June)

Apply by: 21 June 2024

4EU+ Coffee Talk on Inclusive education: Engaging diverse perspectives in a multifaceted discussion (24 June)

When and where? Monday, 24 June 2024, 13:00-15:00, online

Event overview

Today’s education system has a diverse student population with various learning styles, disabilities, cultural backgrounds, genders, and social classes. This diversity presents challenges as well as opportunities to enrich the educational experience. Our 4EU+ Coffee Talk is dedicated to laying the groundwork for creating truly inclusive educational environments where every student feels valued, understood, and supported.

By fostering meaningful discussions on inclusion within higher education institutions, we aim to explore practical solutions, share personal experiences, and disseminate lessons learned. The event will take the format of a roundtable discussion featuring speakers from 4EU+ universities and beyond.

Target group

Educators, administrators, students, and stakeholders from all levels of the academic community are invited to participate in this conversation. If you are dedicated to promoting inclusion, we welcome you to contribute to cultivating a fertile ground for discussions and innovative ideas about inclusivity in education.


  • Mohamed Chetouani: Professor, Student Disability Officer of the Faculty of Science & Engineering, Sorbonne University.

  • Caroline Dubacq: Associate Professor in Neuroscience, Sorbonne University.

  • Vicky Engels: Master's student and lecturer with topics related to inclusion and digital accessibility in higher education, Heidelberg University.

  • Françoise Guillo-Benarous: Head of the Student’s Health Department, medical doctor, Sorbonne University.

  • Klara Kovarski: Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology, Sorbonne University.

  • Adam Martinek: Ph.D. student, lecturer and teaching assistant, researching topics related to social justice at Charles University.

  • Urszula Markowska-Manista: Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, Coordinator in Curriculum Innovation for Social Inclusion, University of Warsaw.

  • Elena Pont: Lecturer in Disability and Gender in Education/Training/Labour at University of Geneva.

  • Irena Smetáčková: Associate Professor and member of the Equal Opportunities Board at Charles University.

  • Marek Smulczyk: Adjunct Professor in the Department of Education, focusing on education quality, assessment tools, and social mobility, University of Warsaw.

  • Šárka Vohlídalová: Head of the Carolina Centre for support and counselling at Charles University.


Please register here by 21 June 2024 (12:00 PM). Link to attend will be shared with the registered participants shortly before the event.

The event is organised within the framework of the 1CORE project, task 2.2 "4EU+ Centre for Innovative and Digital Teaching and Learning".

Together, let's create an educational environment where everyone thrives. Join us for this engaging and insightful Coffee Talk and discover new perspectives on inclusive education.