4EU+ Shared courses: Winter Semester 2021/22

Sorbonne University

Shared courses offer: Incoming students

Contact information

  • For enquiries about enrolment procedures at SU:

  • For enquiries about the course: the instructor (as listed in the catalogue)

  • For other enquiries: the 4EU+ office at Sorbonne university

Enrolment period and enrolment procedures

Deadline for registration: 2 July 2021

Most courses start in the week of 13 September


  1. Students contact the 4EU+ mobility coordinators at their home university (and if relevant sign a learning agreement) who will send the names and emails of applicants to SU mobility office.

    • Charles University:

    • Heidelberg Univeristy:

    • University of Milan:

    • University of Warsaw:

  2. Mobility officers at 4EU+ universities send the nomination to SU mobility office: and .

  3. SU mobility office contacts students to send them the link to the online registration form and asks them to submit the following documents: proof of ID, transcripts of records, proof of proficiency in the language of instruction, 1 passport-size picture, certificate of enrolment at home university, CV and cover letter.


A transcript of records will be issued upon completion of the course.