4EU+ Annual Meeting 2020

This year, the Annual Meeting of the 4EU+ Alliance will be held as an online event on 16 November 2020, organized by Charles University.

The Annual Meeting will consist of three main parts:

In the morning, various stakeholders from the 4EU+ Community will explore selected topics of central relevance for the Alliance during the micro think-tank sessions. The number of places in the micro think-tanks is limited, don't forget to register in time. In parallel, the 4EU+ Governing Board will hold its regular meeting with the 4EU+ Management Committee and Vice-Rectors/Vice-Presidents of member universities.

Charles University Rector Tomáš Zima will officially take over the position of the Chair of the 4EU+ Governing Board from the President of Sorbonne University Jean Chambaz at the General Assembly.

4EU+ Academic Council will be officially inaugurated as a Governance Body of the Alliance.

The Open Session of the Annual Meeting, organized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, will start at 16:00. We invite all the partners and friends of the 4EU+ European University Alliance to join and debate with us. Main outcomes of the micro think-tanks sessions will be shared, we will present successful Flagship projects and hold a "round-table" discussion on the topic "4EU+ as a prototype for synergy between research and education".

Please see the detailed programme of the Open Session here.

The Open Session will be broadcasted online on YouTube: