Flagship 4

Environmental transitions

An ever-increasing demand on resources and serious disruptions from climate change are topics that must be efficiently addressed by contemporary science, and which must be based on deep understanding of the underlying processes and principles. Adequate education of future specialists in the field of natural sciences must be based on high-quality research, while long-term maintenance of the research community cannot exist without top quality education of new generations of researchers.

This Flagship is dedicated to both education and research that will ensure high quality research to find solutions to our sustainable development needs. The Flagship 4 includes specific strengths in various areas of life, earth, chemical and environmental sciences. The strength of the cooperation extends beyond the limits of our departments and faculties in all our diversity, which may combined into synergy and complementarity, bringing new approaches with wider horizon and novel, high quality results.

The Flagship 4 will pursue the following topics:

  • Research in the biology of organisms, ecology, biodiversity, and environmental protection, thus providing a sound basis for multidisciplinary research

  • Construct an inspiring, multidisciplinary environment for students, with shared expertise in: academics, teaching-through-research, resources and infrastructures, including well-tailored exchange semesters, summer schools, short intense joint courses

  • Contribute to the environmental education of society, in Europe and across the globe, including suggestions and solutions that would address complex relationships of society, economy and the environment and the communication of these solutions to a diverse audience