Technology Transfer Offices representatives gather in Prague

12. 4. 2019

Technology Transfer Offices representatives gather in Prague

Charles University’s Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer was delighted to host colleagues from partner universities in the 4EU+ Alliance on 3 and 4 April 2019. Representatives of Sorbonne University, Heidelberg University and University of Copenhagen got the chance to present how their organisations work and discuss similarities and differences between their structures and positions within the universities.

In most aspects, no significant differences in the structure were found, however, the participants identified certain variations in particular processes as well as dissimilarities in the way universities and scientists share profits from exploitation of inventions.

During this introductory meeting the representatives shared their experience and practices and learned some inspiring ways to keep in touch with the rest of the university (such as working visits at faculties at University of Copenhagen or thematic breakfasts for employees at Sorbonne). Thought-provoking was the way Proof of Concept projects get cut in smaller segments or milestones at Copenhagen University.

The group agreed to make the first step towards a comparison study, share documents on a joint platform and also to meet regularly twice a year (inviting representatives from the subsidiary companies).

In conclusion, the meeting was a wonderful opportunity to exchange viewpoints and share inspiring ideas for future cooperation and projects.