4EU+ Course UNREAD: Student testimonials

Watch testimonials of our students taking part in the 4EU+ Flagship 1 Course UNREAD concerning changes in the conditions of the urban development of smart cities.

14 January 2022

2nd 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge ended

Read about the results of the second edition of the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challange focused on the mental health in urban spaces and see stories from participating students!

5 January 2022

Resilient Cities: A diary from the workshop

During the last winter semester, the “Resilient Cities” Seminar has been introduced to our curriculum. It was held as an innovative teaching format under the umbrella of Flagship 1 of the 4EU+ Alliance.

13 December 2021

Initiation of research on mindfulness implementation in European schools

Experts from diverse fields – educational and clinical psychology, psychotherapy, sociology, andragogy and religion studies – have joined with support of a 4EU+ CU minigrant in order to study mindfulness applied in European schools.

7 December 2021

Erasmus+ call for 2022 and other new funding opportunities launched by the European Commission

Find out more about the Erasmus+ call for 2022, Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) and the European Universities call highly relevant for 4EU+.

30 November 2021

What causes cancer: Risk factors and mechanisms

How can we reduce the vulnerability of people facing cancer? This is one of the core questions being addressed by Flagship 1. In an online lecture, Prof. Kari Hemminki, European Research Area Chair of Translational Oncology, gives insights into the cancer risk factors and mechanisms.

26 November 2021

4EU+ Community meets at the 2021 Annual Meeting in Heidelberg

Around 180 representatives of all 4EU+ member universities came to Heidelberg with the goal of mapping out further development for the transnational university alliance.

18 November 2021

"Slope stability hazard in Alpine areas": a look back on the 4EU+ field trip in Italy

Read about the summer school organized within the 4EU+ Flagship 4 from the perspective of CU students and learn about slope movements and natural hazards in Apline areas.

15 November 2021

The 4EU+ ABC-LD training showcased at the EADTU conference in Bari

On 4 November 2021, Vassiliki Michou (Sorbonne University), Anna Pacholak and Dorota Sidor (both University of Warsaw) presented the 4EU+ Activity Based Curriculum Learning Design training at the EADTU Conference "Higher Education in the New Normal" in Bari.

10 November 2021

4EU+ Plurality of Memories Fellows write about their experience

"As part of the 4EU+ Fellowship I was able to come to Prague for my preliminary research in the archives of Charles University. This research stay constituted another stage of the archival queries aimed at collecting materials on the circles of researchers working on new concepts of vision in Central and Eastern Europe."

1 November 2021

4EU+ Management Committee meets in Warsaw

On 1 October 2021, members of the 4EU+ Management Committee met at the University of Warsaw where they also participated in the opening ceremony of the new academic year.

19 October 2021

4EU+ Annual Meeting in Heidelberg

With the aim of developing perspectives for taking the Alliance forward, the Annual Meeting of the 4EU+ European University Alliance will take place in Heidelberg from 3 to 5 November 2021.

4 October 2021

SHADOW - Peer to peer shadowing : a pilot project for foreign language and culture learning

After two series of shadowing, students participating in the project were offered the opportunity to meet in person for the first time in Milan. The first results of the analysis of this method will be presented in Paris on 4 October.

19 September 2021

4EU+ Summer School: Nationalism, Religion & Violence in Europe

The second 4EU+ Plurality of Memories in Global Perspective Summer School – Borderlands of Memory: Nationalism, Religion & Violence in Europe took place in Prague, Czechia during the first week of September 2021.

12 September 2021

The 4EU+ Governing Board meets in Prague

Watch the video from the first face-to-face meeting of academic leaders of 4EU+ member universities since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

15 July 2021

Meet the finalists of the Europeanness Photo Contest

Valeria Frigerio, student of the University of Milan, has won the first-ever 4EU+ Instagram Photo Contest dedicated to the topic of Europeanness. The second place was awarded to Francisco Tenjo Castano, PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen, and the third place was taken by Aleksandra Matynia, student of Sorbonne University.

22 June 2021

4EU+ Migration Days: interview with Professor Chiara Ragni

“Students do not perceive migration as a problem, but as an opportunity for people to move to other countries, to meet people of different nationalities and to build up integrated societies,” says Professor Chiara Ragni (University of Milan), coordinator of the 4EU+ Flagship 2 joint project “Migration Studies and New Societies” and main organiser of the 4EU+ Migration Days.

21 June 2021

4EU+ (Sorbonne University): the roadmap of its secretary general to develop the Alliance

"The transition to the status of association is an important step for the 4EU+ Alliance, and its symbolic aspect should not be underestimated, as it is a formal commitment by the six member universities. But it is also a very pragmatic choice," says Isabelle Kratz, secretary general of the European 4EU+ Alliance, to News Tank.

17 May 2021

Results of the second call for educational projects

In the second call for 4EU+ joint educational projects, 47 proposals have been submitted and 30 of them have been selected for funding after the eligibility check by the local 4EU+ Officers and evaluation by the Flagship Programme Committee and educational experts.

12 May 2021

4EU+ Alliance Becomes an Association

The 4EU+ Governing Board, comprising Rectors of six member universities of the 4EU+ Alliance, met online

on 1 April 2021 to pass a resolution to establish an association "4EU+ European University Alliance e.V."

The association’s registered office will be in Heidelberg, Germany.

14 April 2021

Charles University supports 20 research projects in the third edition of 4EU+ mini-grants

In 2021, Charles University selects 20 joint 4EU+ projects to receive seed funding for projects focused primarily on research.

12 April 2021

Jean Chambaz: Keynote speech on European University Alliances

On 8 April, Prof. Jean Chambaz, Rector of Sorbonne University, addressed the Directors-General for Higher Education of all EU member states with a keynote speech on European University Alliance.

12 April 2021

What is behind Flagship 2?

Watch our short video introducing Flagship 2: Europe in a changing world: Understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages

5 March 2021

4EU+ students' perspective on the future of European higher education

Students Julia Kostro (University of Warsaw/ 4EU+ Alliance) and George Apeitos (University of Cyprus/Young Universities for the Future of Europe, YUFE) shared their visions of the European "University of the future" in an online panel discussion "European Universities: Visions and hopes of European students" organised under the umbrella of the European Youth Event, 27 January 2021.

18 February 2021

Kick-off of the TRAIN4EU+ project

TRAIN4EU+ project officially started on 1 January 2021. As leading partner in the project, University of Copenhagen (UCPH) hosted the project’s kick-off meeting on 13-14 January 2021.

28 January 2021

Building Tomorrow’s European University

Interview with Isabelle Kratz, new Secretary General of the 4EU+ Alliance.

26 January 2021