4EU+ Libraries initiative kicks off in Warsaw

1. 4. 2019

4EU+ Libraries initiative kicks off in Warsaw

Held in the modern and distinct building of the University of Warsaw Library on 28-29 March 2019, the 4EU+ Libraries meeting was a first step to establishing a closer collaboration in Open Science, information literacy education and research support among universities of the Alliance.

As the establishment of structured inter-university collaboration across different levels is part of the Alliance’s collective ambition, joint activities of university libraries and learning centres, being platforms of research and education support, should be seen as intrinsic to achieving this goal. The two-day meeting in Warsaw brought together libraries’ representatives from 5 universities of the Alliance: Charles University, Heidelberg University, University of Copenhagen, University of Milan and University of Warsaw. The participants shared their experience, practices and tools used in information literacy education for domestic and international students, offering access to e-resources, operating inter-library loan services, and international institutional cooperation within library and information science organisations. They also discussed on how they can pool good practices and expertise of 4EU+ university libraries and turn them into more concrete 4EU+ joint projects.

The final outcome of the meeting, the 4EU+ Libraries project plan, has been divided into six chapters, including activities related to libraries’ staff development, implementation of Open Science and alignment of libraries collections and services with 4EU+ Flagships.