5. 12. 2023

'Teaching Excellence at 4EU+ Universities' project successfully concludes in Prague

In a significant stride towards enhancing educational standards, the “Teaching Excellence at 4EU+ Universities” project has recently reached its successful conclusion.

This collaborative initiative, coordinated by Charles University, and involving Sorbonne University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Warsaw, focused on defining “teaching excellence” and “teaching quality” within the academic sphere.

The final meeting of the project brought together team members and specialists from the participating universities in Prague on 23 November. This gathering served as a vibrant forum for exchanging insights and celebrating the collective achievements. The event's rich agenda included a presentation of research outcomes and interactive activities highlighting best practices from each university. The highlights of the program were two round-table discussions, which delved into the institutional and micro-level aspects of teaching quality.

This comprehensive approach led to a multifaceted understanding of 'teaching excellence' and 'teaching quality,' effectively merging theoretical research with practical applications and collaborative insights. The final report of the project is set to be finalized by the end of the year and will be disseminated among the 4EU+ universities.