4EU+ Prague Summer Scientific Symposium

30. 6. 2023

4EU+ Prague Summer Scientific Symposium

The 4EU+ Prague Summer Scientific Symposium, held on 15-17 June 2023 in Karolinum, brought together researchers from several 4EU+ universities to discuss new concepts and approaches to target diabetes pandemic in urban areas.

Emerging new concepts and approaches to target diabetes pandemic in urban areas: from physiology to successful implementation

The main symposium began with a warm greeting from Assistant Professor Gojda, who provided an insightful introduction to Prague's history, setting a welcoming tone for the entire event. Following that, Professor Milena Kralickova, the rector of Charles University, addressed the audience with a welcoming message, expressing her sincere welcome to all participants.

The scientific program kicked off with the theme, "Successful Implementation in the Real World." Esmée Bijnens led the charge, highlighting the health benefits associated with exposure to green spaces. Michaela James then illustrated the power of involving young people in research, with a special focus on physical activity. Wendy Russel capped this segment by sharing exciting findings on sustainable plant cultivation for improved health outcomes.

In the next block, the Symposium turned its attention to "Therapeutics: Lifestyle Interventions." Patrick Schrauwen provided insights on stimulating energy metabolism to combat type 2 diabetes, while Ramona De Amicis discussed the intersection of chronotype, nutrition, nutritional status, and eating behavior. The final scientific theme of the Symposium was "Diagnosis and Prediction in the Age of Precision Medicine." Ben Stocks enlightened the attendees with an overview of omics methods in research, and Monika Cahova explored the role of the microbiome in our civilization.

The Symposium offered participants the opportunity to submit abstracts ahead of time, and the committee selected the best two for an Oral session. The rest were presented in short talks, providing a valuable glimpse into diverse research activities across Europe.

The last evening of the symposium concluded with a short walk to Kellyxir, once home to famous alchemists, where discussions on scientific projects continued.

"The 4EU+ Prague Summer Scientific Symposium was much more than a conference. It was a place where scientists from all over Europe came together to share ideas and learn from each other. The event was a great opportunity for everyone to build connections, start new collaborations, and lay the groundwork for an ongoing scientific platform within the 4EU+ alliance. The enthusiasm for the possibilities ahead made the symposium a resounding success. We hope to continue this in other cities, such as Copenhagen," says Jan Gojda, main organizer of the event.

The organizers would like to express their profound gratitude to all partners involved in the Symposium, including the Czech Diabetology Society, Czech Microbiome Society, Third Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, and especially the 4EU+ Alliance, for their unwavering support.