6 June 2019

UW and HU students participate in the "Smart cities for ageing societies" first joint interdisciplinary seminar

On 16-17 May 2019, Master’s students from Heidelberg University and the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Economic Sciences) participated in the first joint interdisciplinary seminar "Economic, Psychological, and IT-related Challenges of Ageing Societies: Contrasting Poland and Germany" organised as a part of the 4EU+ “Smart cities for ageing societies” project. The host institution, Heidelberg University, provided the perfect setting for the students and researchers to jointly analyse different problems resulting from the aging of populations and to compare and contrast the situation of the elderly in Poland and Germany.

“Smart cities for ageing societies” is an interdisciplinary project developed within Flagship 1. It brings together academics working in the fields of geography, regional studies, humanities and economic sciences from Charles University, Heidelberg University and the University of Warsaw (coordinating institution). By studying challenges related to ageing populations in rapidly developing metropolitan environments, exploring different inclusive solutions and actively involving students in the entire research process, the project team aims to enhance the participation of the elderly in the local community and contribute to strengthening intergenerational bonds.

For more information about the “Smart cities for ageing societies” project and to express interest in joining the project team, please contact Dr Anna NiciƄska (Project Coordinator, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw): .