21 May 2019

Europa Universalis working group meets in Prague

Europa Universalis working group, bringing together academics from Charles University (Jaroslav Svátek), Sorbonne University (Marie-Françoise Saudraix) and University of Warsaw (Jerzy Pysiak), met at Faculty of Arts of Charles University on 4-6 April to discuss the organisation of a common course for the students from 4EU+ universities.

The result of the meeting was the creation of the series of intensive seminars for BA and MA students named One Week Intensive Course (OWIC). The course is designed to be a place for experimentation and pedagogical innovations, disciplinary or interdisciplinary exchanges, and debates. The participants focused mainly on the first OWIC which will be held in Prague in March 2020 with the central topic “Revolts and Revolutions”. The other one is planned for Warsaw in Autumn 2020 (theme “European Cities. Heritage and Cultural Identity”). The team of organizers prepared also the budget for this project and sent the informative materials to the authorities in all partner institutions.

General overview of OWIC

OWIC: Revolts and Revolutions