4 May 2019

Sorbonne University staff learns about 4EU + Opportunities

On Tuesday, April 16, the 4EU + Alliance was presented to the university’s staff.

The lecture hall was at full capacity as Serge Fdida, Vice President International Development, presented the 4EU + Alliance and its goals to strengthen cutting-edge research at the service of society and to educate new generations of European citizens.

Six of Sorbonne University’s active participants in 4EU+ were on hand to speak about their current projects and the cooperation between the 4EU+ institutions:

  • Charles Durant, professor in the International Master in Biology,

  • Martine Dalmas, professor in the bachelor’s and master’s programs in German,

  • Pawel Rodak, professor of Slavic studies,

  • Ahmed Id Baih, doctor at the University Institute of Oncology (IUC),

  • Anne-Catherine Fritzinger, Director of Libraries,

  • Thomas Joufflineau, Interuniversity Language Learning Service (SIAL).

Staff were then able to ask questions about functional aspects and objectives of the 4EU+ Alliance. Jean Chambaz, president of Sorbonne University, spoke of the opportunities presented at the conclusion of the meeting.