10 November 2021

The 4EU+ ABC-LD training showcased at the EADTU conference in Bari

On 4 November 2021, Vassiliki Michou (Sorbonne University), Anna Pacholak and Dorota Sidor (both University of Warsaw) presented the 4EU+ Activity Based Curriculum Learning Design training at the EADTU Conference "Higher Education in the New Normal" in Bari.


We present the result of an effort undertaken within the 4EU+ Alliance where six research universities collaborate on current and future pedagogical implementations, research initiatives and solutions on higher education didactics. The ABC LD workshop, based on the research of Diana Laurillard, serves the Alliance’s strategic initiatives.

Our previous experience on running ABC LD workshops allowed us to identify our teachers’ needs and adapt them accordingly in order to meet the Alliance’s academic development objectives. The outcome reflects our ability to handle deep-thinking initiatives in the form of a terrain workshop and therefore characterizes our endeavour for future adaptability.

Towards this goal, we created and digitised resources related to pedagogy, we designed a pre-ABC training and linked this workshop with the 4EU+ educational framework by creating new materials on identified key terms.

The ABC-LD workshop was initially designed for physical face-to face meetings, nevertheless, also due to the Covid crisis, we created an online version, keeping its contemporary structure and practices. Real time engaging data are foreseen to come rolling in the months to come via a qualitative beta-testing period.

It was built on the Moodle platform and we chose a collaborative blackboard tool for running the practical workshop allowing interactivity and collaboration for the teachers. This format enables easy engagement that confers flexibility, a durable access to the pedagogical resources and design tools.

We offer the ABC LD@4EU+ tool as a sustainable and creative activity for a developing academic environment taking into account contemporary and future requirements for 21st century education.

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Dr. Dimitrios Alchatzidis (SU)

Dr. Marta Jaworska-Oknińska (UW)

Dr. Bartłomiej Michałowicz (UW)

Dr. Vassiliki Michou (SU)

Mrs. Anna Pacholak (UW)

Mrs. Angela Maria Prataviera (UniMi)

Mrs. Dorota Sidor (UW)

Prof. Zbynek Tonar (CU)