25 November 2020

CONFIG: Geological Transect from Germany to Czechia

In early September, geologists from Charles University, Heidelberg University and Sorbonne University jointly organized a geological field trip covering transect across two Variscan suture zones from Odenwald in West Germany to Rakovník area in Czechia. The one week field trip, organized within the framework of the 4eu+ European University Alliance, was joined by 18 bachelor, master and PhD students from the three universities accompanied by 4 professors and local experts. The event was part of the project CONFIG: Convey Field Innovation in Geosciences, supported by minigrants from Charles University and Heidelberg University.

The field trip focused on gaining up to date knowledge on the position and overall structure of two principal Variscan suture zones located in the Central Europe. These included a complex record of subduction and collision processes recorded along the boundary between Avalonia and Armorica in the Mid-German Crystalline Zone and along the boundary between Saxothuringian and Teplá-Barrandian domains in the NW Czechia. The position of the two sutures was discussed in the light of the most recent discoveries focusing on tectonic, metamorphic and magmatic processes from both the lower plates and upper plates of the studied sutures. The first part of the field trip in Odenwald and Spessart was led by Prof. L. Tajčmanová from Heidelberg University and the second part in Erzgebirge and Teplá-Barrandian was led by Profs. O. Lexa and P. Jeřábek from Charles University. The discussions with students were stimulated by Prof. P. Agard from Sorbonne University. The worsening epidemic situation was dealt with by testing part of the group for COVID19 before entering Germany while all recommendations were carefully followed in both Germany and Czechia throughout the event.

The geological field trip was organised as part of Flagship 4 of the 4EU+ Alliance, which focuses on the biodiversity and sustainable development. The event took place in Germany and Czechia from 6 until 11 September 2020. For more information about our 4EU+ consortium and future activities see our MOVE web page.