22 October 2020

The Summer School: „From Fungal Morphology to Genotype“

An innovative Summer School combining both traditional mycological field excursions with work on student projects was successfully organized in the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland on 13-20 September 2020.

Due to the rapid onset of travelling restrictions before its start, only students from Charles University were allowed to participate, but recognized scientists from University of Milan (Dr. Andrea Kunová) and University of Warsaw (Dr. Julia Pawlowska) were present virtually during evening sessions and gave online lectures dealing with fungal resistance to fungicides and an invasive bolete in Europe, respectively. The School was built on the ground of similar courses organized in previous years, but was substantially enhanced with extraction of DNA from freshly collected fungi and amplification of selected molecular markers.

Due to kind cooperation of the OMICS-Genomics core facility of the Faculty of Science, Charles University, sequences from collected specimens were available already during the course. Students could combine both phenotypic and molecular data in their projects and became competent with another method of fungal diversity oriented studies.

The organisation of the summer school was supported by a Charles University minigrant.