2 June 2020

"4EU+ Plurality of Memories in Global Perspective" active despite the coronavirus restrictions

The coronavirus crisis does not stop the European Pluralities network from being active. Last Friday, 29 May, an official 4EU+ Plurality of Memories in Global Perspective (Flagship 2) gathering took place on the Zoom platform, connecting representatives from the five 4EU+ universities (Charles, Heidelberg, Sorbonne, Milan, and Warsaw) at one computer screen.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming activities and future strategies of cooperation (both offline and online) in light of the COVID-19 challenges. The main issues discussed included the joyful news of the 4EU+ mini-grant received by the Prague team as coordinator and the upcoming deadline for the 4EU+ call for educational project proposals (currently being prepared by the Warsaw team). The working group also welcomed Dr Jiri Kocian, joining as a deputy project coordinator for the mini-grant at Charles University in Prague. Another achievement is the newly-launched webpage of the European Pluralities network, prepared by the Warsaw team (Dr Nicolas Maslowski and Dr Anna Dzabagina).

Another point on the agenda was the call for applications for the 4EU+ post-doc fellowships at Charles University. The group also brainstormed about the programme of the 2021 4EU+ Winter School “Memory in Conflict”, to take place in Prague hopefully at the beginning of next year. Once ready, the Winter School's call for contributions will be made public on the official 4EU+ website. Should the organisation of an in-person event prove impossible due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Group is ready to make appropriate adjustments and offer an alternative (online) programme.

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