1 June 2020

More than 85% of University of Milan students satisfied with online teaching, survey reveals

With a targeted survey, University of Milan has collected students’ opinions in order to assess the impact of the "digital revolution" sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, 17.387 students responded to the survey, which account for approximately 70% of students attending the 2nd semester classes. More than 85% respondents described their experience with online teaching since March 2020 as positive or very positive. The evaluation of the 2,400 courses available online demonstrated that students had a slight preference to asynchronous teaching (49%), as it offers them the opportunity to follow the course at their own pace and according to their own personal schedules. Synchronous teaching was preferred by 45% of students.

Out of different online communication tools provided by the University of Milan, the most appreciated was Microsoft Teams (48%) followed by Ariel (32%) and Zoom (14%).

Asked about what they missed the most, students named direct contact with classmates and professors as well as participation in hands-on activities relying on in-person experience, such as labs and field trips.

The positive feedback received via the survey is a credit to the entire university community, who has made a tremendous effort to continue teaching activities since the University suspended classroom classes on 24 February 2020.