3 June 2020

COVID-19: Research projects at Heidelberg University

The effects of coronavirus/COVID-19 are investigated at Heidelberg University from various disciplinary perspectives. Besides the life and natural science research conducted within the fightCOVID@Heidelberg alliance, researchers from Ruperto Carola are also pursuing projects related to the coronavirus pandemic in other subject areas.

A study initiated by PD Dr Marie Ottilie Frenkel, a stress researcher, focuses on how police officers working in the field deal with demands and stress during the coronavirus pandemic and what coping mechanisms they use. To this end, online surveys are being conducted in different regions of Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, and Switzerland. The study entitled “SHOT-COVID19” is part of an international project funded by the European Union, in which several partners are working on innovative training methods for police work.

To find out what helps doctors, nursing staff, and emergency crews cope on the job during the current crisis, Dr Frenkel and her team are conducting another survey on stress factors and coping strategies. The researchers want to gather data on essential interim actions and also hope to draw conclusions for future training and continuing education.

Furthermore, developmental psychologists at Heidelberg University are finding new ways of doing research with families during the coronavirus pandemic. As participating in studies on site is currently not possible due to social distancing restrictions, Prof. Dr Sabina Pauen and her team have invited interested parents to become active researchers themselves. Parents are asked to observe and record the activities and behaviour of their children in everyday situations. The researchers want to analyse this data to learn more about how the present situation impacts family life and children’s development.

Further information can be found on the Heidelberg University website:

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