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“Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial project management” 4EU+ University Diploma

Calling young graduates and doctoral students at Sorbonne University, Charles University, Heidelberg University and the Universities of Geneva, Milan and Warsaw! Are you ready to take on real-world challenges and lead innovative projects? Don't miss this unique chance to enhance your career!

The 4EU+ University Diploma in “Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Project Management” is designed Master graduates who aspire to enhance their skills in sustainable and digital project management. The programme is ideal for those aiming to work as an intrapreneurs in large companies, join innovative start-ups, or contribute to the growth of associations and organizations focused on social economy and environmental transition.

Programme structure and components

The 4EU+ University Diploma is awarded by Sorbonne University in partnership with other 4EU+ universities. Emphasizing learning by doing and an interdisciplinary approach, the programme has two main components:

1. 80-hour entrepreneurship module

  • Introduces students to the basics of entrepreneurship;

  • 6 hours of online teaching per week in English;

  • Covers topics such as identifying opportunities, fostering creativity, using design thinking, constructing viable business models, seeking funding, organizing commercial activities, and developing persuasive communication skills.

2. Real-world project management case

  • Focuses on project management in environmental or social innovation;

  • Multidisciplinary teams work on a topic provided by one of the partner organizations of the 4EU+ universities;

  • Teams spend 7 months designing, testing, and presenting an innovative solution to the given challenge;

  • This practical experience helps students develop skills in leading innovative projects, management, teamwork, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Insights and testimonials

Raina's story

Discover an alumni's experiences on Instagram

"In my project, I have been working with the City of Warsaw. We provided sustainable and innovative solutions to improve the resilience of the city's infrastructure in addressing water-related problems. I would totally recommend the programme to anyone who would like to learn and get involved in the corporate world."

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Schedule and organisation

The programme lasts one academic year and is structured as follows:

  • 20-22 November: 3 days of in-person opening conference at one of the 4EU+ universities (for the year 2024/25, this will be held at the University of Milan);

  • December - March: Masterclass on the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (online course in English, 6 hours a week on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings);

  • December - June: Technical workshops on the basics of intrapreneurial project management and remote project management; multicultural and multidisciplinary team on a challenge led by a partner of the 4EU+ Alliance;

  • End of June: Final in-person closing conference (2 days) at the University of Warsaw.

How to apply

If you are from one of the 4EU+ universities involved, you should apply to your local university for a preliminary interview. The application procedure may differ at each university. If you meet the local requirements, you should submit all the supporting documents via the link on the application platform E-Candidat of Sorbonne University.

Application documents:

  • Detailed curriculum vitae;

  • Covering letter detailing your background, professional experience, and motivation related to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship;

  • Certificate of 5 years of higher education (or training certificate for the current year) with the results obtained.

Important dates:

  • Online application period: 28 August to 29 September 2024

  • Registration deadline: 29 September 2024 (midnight)

  • Admission decision: 7 October 2024

  • Start date: 20 November 2024

Additional information

  • Tuition fees are paid by each student individually. The exact amount will be announced; in 2023-24, the fee was 500€.

  • Transportation and accommodation costs for the two in-person conferences will be covered by the 4EU+ Alliance.

  • Only students from the participating universities are eligible to apply for the university diploma training.

  • Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, and juries will be organized from the beginning of September.

For specific details about the application process at your university, please visit the respective university's webpage or get in touch with the relevant contact person:

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University webpage

Charles University

Application is open, check the application information. Deadline: 31 August 2024.

Important information: For Charles University students, the tuition fee will be fully refunded upon successful completion of the programme.

Heidelberg University

Information will follow soon.

University of Geneva

Information will follow soon.

University of Milan

Only 38° and 39° Cohort PhD students can participate in the programme. Please submit your expression of interest via the form at this link. Deadline: 28 August 2024.

University of Warsaw

Information will follow soon.