Pilot actions

Pilot action Toolkit for Open Science advocacy

The pilot action – Toolkit for Open Science Advocacy – was carried out under the TRAIN4EU+ project's Work Package 5 Mainstreaming Open Science, led by the University of Warsaw. We were exploring and understanding the involvement of university libraries in supporting Open Science (OS) and assisting researchers. So we identified and collected best practices from the 4EU+ Alliance universities, seeking inspiration from proven ideas and strategies for effectively meeting the needs of scientists in the context of Open Science. One of the outcomes of our project is a Toolkit for Open Science Advocacy. It can serve as a resource for promoting and facilitating Open Science practices and initiatives.

The toolkit consists of four parts:

  1. Description of job profiles for the new data roles at universities. It defines of the required skills and competencies for seven research data management (RDM) professionals.

  2. Training in open data support (topics set). It includes suggested topics to be used in four training sessions.

  3. Training in open access publishing. It contains scenarios of two lessons:

    • Creating a Diamond (Platinum) Open Access Journal

    • Open Access monograph publishing.

  4. Citizen Science. The toolkit contains:

    • the descriptions of three citizen science projects from Denmark, France, and the Czech Republic

    • the interview guide to facilitate collecting data on university support, required competencies, and funding models for CS projects

    • citizen science recommendations.

The toolkit can also be reached via this link.