One Week Intensive Course (OWIC)

The one-week intensive course is designed to be a place for experimentation and pedagogical innovations, disciplinary or interdisciplinary exchanges, and debates. It represents an attempt to provide a slightly different way of studying and teaching in order to acquire more academic practices.

Our goal is to offer students (BA, possibly MA degree) access to a European wide horizon, and an experience of the Alliance’s opportunities. OWIC is a set of lectures, case studies, round-table and student work in the project way (supervised by teachers), all in one intensive week.

The choice of a collaborative work method aims to put 4EU+ students from all universities together and to bring up temporary or more sustainable contacts. In each group, the students will be invited to contact themselves several weeks before the stay. As we may hope, they will also keep in touch after.

The general theme of the disciplinary (history) or interdisciplinary course will change every semester. It is always explored from various points of view and deepened by the international students groups who will present their results, even in an original form, and discuss them the last day of the course.

Each of the partner universities will successively host the course and the coordinators may also change according to the theme proposed. Eventually, the programme could be completed by thematically related sightseeing excursions and/ or cultural programmes.

Number of students: 10 max/university

Academic staff: ca. 2/university

ECTS: 5 (SU), 6 (UW, CUNI)

Yet offered to: historians (History department, SU), all (UW, CUNI)

Languages: French and English.

Standard programme (D0: arrival, D6: departure)

D1 : AM – Welcome, thematic introduction / PM – teambuilding, work in groups

D2 : AM – general lectures and case study / PM – work in groups

D3 : AM – thematic round table / PM – work in groups

D4 : AM – students’ presentation, lunch / PM – sightseeing excursion, cultural programme


March 2020: Revolts and Revolutions (Prague)

Septembre 2020 : European City (Warsaw)

Next steps

- Funding

- Broadening to Heidelberg, Milano and Copenhagen