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ERA Fellowships ScM – Science Management

As part of the national strategy for the European Research Area (ERA), Germany is expanding its collaboration with the EU13 member states. Against this background, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched the “ERA Fellowships ScM – Science Management” action. The action aims to build up capacities in key actors in the field of science management from EU13 science organisations. It is also meant to strengthen networking and cooperation between research organisations, research funding organisations and higher education institutions in Germany and the partner countries.

Time period: 8-12 weeks, starting 15th January 2020 and ending on 31st May 2020 at the latest

Deadline for applications: 19th June 2019

Who is it for?

The action is designed for science managers (middle administrative management level) from research organisations, research funding organisations or higher education institutions in EU13 states (EU13 fellows) and German research organisations, research funding organisations or higher education institutions (host organisations) interested in exchanging knowledge or establishing / expanding a network.

How does it work? Theory and practice

Guest stay: During their guest stay at a German science organisation or higher education institution, the EU13 fellows gather practical experience in science management. They will get in-depth insights and exchange views on scientific management procedures and processes on an expert level. Before a fellowship begins, a structured training concept will be agreed upon with the German host institution.

Campus weeks: In addition to the guest stay at a host organisation, the ERA Fellowships action features a theoretical part. An attractive programme awaits the participants on campus: Structured in “thematic days” on, inter alia, knowledge transfer, EU research funding, or internationalisation, the campus weeks will provide opportunities for learning, the exchange of experiences and intensive networking. German experts will lead discussions and study trips. The weeks on campus are part of the action, so participation is obligatory for the EU13 fellows. Colleagues from the German host organisations are welcome to participate in the activities subject to the availability of seats.

Campus week 1

Time period: February 2020

Venue: Bonn

Campus week 2

Time period: May 2020

Venue: Berlin

For information on venues, accommodation and programme, please see:

Application requirements

German host organisation: Eligible host organisations are non-university research organisations, research funding organisations and higher education institutions located in Germany. Based on a training concept they sign a cooperation agreement with the EU13 fellow covering a guest stay of between eight weeks minimum and up to 12 weeks maximum, starting from 15 January (at the earliest) and ending on 31 May at the latest. The application is submitted by the host organisation. It comprises the training concept, the cooperation agreement, the host organisation’s consent to the fellow’s participation in the weeks on campus, a short CV (of the EU13 fellow) and the consent of the fellow’s employer at home to his/her taking part in the ERA Fellowships action for the duration of the guest stay.

EU13 Fellow: The EU13 Fellows work at middle administrative management level in a science organisation located in an EU13 state. They have at least three years’ work experience in science management and possess a good command of English (at least B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference German language skills are a plus. The EU13 Fellows sign a cooperation agreement with the German host organisation. In addition, they provide a short CV as well as their employer’s consent to their taking part in the ERA Fellowships action.

  • Templates for the training concept (project description), the cooperation agreement, the host organisation’s consent to participation in the weeks on campus, the short CV (EU13 Fellow) and the employer’s consent to participation in the ERA Fellowship action (EU13 Fellow) are available for download on the ERA Fellowships website:

  • You are looking for an EU13 Fellow or a German host organisation? Please use the partnering tool on the ERA Fellowships website You may enter your profile and look for suitable partners.

How much funding is provided?

Funding covers the following eligible expenses/costs, graduated according to the length of stay (8 weeks minimum, 12 weeks maximum):

For EU13 Fellows:


Travel expenses/costs for the journey from and to their home countries at the beginning and the end of their guest stay as well as expenses/costs for project related domestic travel in Germany (airline tickets: economy class, rail tickets: 2nd class). Reimbursement from the host organisation based on the actual costs incurred.


Allowance for the costs of living during the guest stay in the host institution is 104 euros per day rsp. 2,300 euros per month. Health insurance fees or fees for any other insurance are included in this lump sum and have to be paid by the grantees themselves.

For the German host organisation:


Costs for material and personnel costs during the guest stay of EU13 Fellows in the host organisation will be funded with a lump sum of 75 euros per working day rsp. 1,500 euros per month. Travel expenses for employees from the host organisation who take part in events of the campus weeks may also be claimed. As a rule, the basic equipment of the participating organisations is not covered or supplemented by the lump sum. Since the ERA Fellowships action is intended to build and expand networks and does therefore not constitute an original research project according to the guidelines for the allocation of grants on an expenditure basis, no lump sum can be granted to universities and university hospitals.

The German host organisations are the sole grantees. They are bound to distribute the funds to the EU13 Fellows and to reimburse their travel expenses.

For DE Fellows:


In order to promote travels and guest stays for German researchers and experts (DE Fellows) at a host organisation in a EU13 state, the following conditions are applicable: Travel expenses to and from the destination in the partner country (economy-class for airline tickets) as well as a country-specific daily allowance are assumed (current rates see here: Days of arrival and departure are counted as one day. Fees for health insurance and other possible insurances are covered by this lump sum and have to be paid by the beneficiaries themselves.


For the calculation of the daily allowance the following rule applies: 1 month = 30 days, the day of arrival and the day of departure together are counted as one single day.


Please refer to the service section of the website or consult the contacts below

Questions regarding action and application:

Friederike Beulshausen, Tel.: +49 228 3821-1672

Administrative questions:

Inna Krieger, Tel.: +49 228 3821-2014