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Charles University 4EU+ Academic Mini-grants 2024

Charles University supports teams collaborating within the 4EU+ Alliance through so-called mini-grants. For the year 2024, teams comprising academics from Charles University and at least two other 4EU+ universities can apply for financial support in this seed-funding project scheme.

The maximum amount of financial support for research or scientific-educational activities for newly formed teams is set at 300,000 CZK (approximately 12,000 EUR). Existing project teams can apply for support up to 250,000 CZK (approximately 10,000 EUR) to finalize achieved outputs and fulfil the strategy of long-term sustainability of the project, namely by submitting a joint application for external funding.

All projects must be in line with the 4EU+ Mission Statement and must be thematically connected to one of the 4EU+ Flagships:

  1. Urban Health and Demographic Change

  2. Europeanness: multilingualism, pluralities, citizenship

  3. Digitisation – Modelling - Transformation

  4. Environmental transitions

Applications are submitted via an online form. Deadline for submitting requests for support is 29 February 2024 (deadline extended from the original 15 January 2024).

More information and funding rules are available here (in Czech).

For any questions about academic mini-grants, please contact the 4EU+ Local Office at Charles University at the following email: