Call for 4EU+ Student Ambassadors

Who we are?

The 4EU+ Alliance aims to cultivate a student-driven community across our 8 member universities: Charles University in Prague, Heidelberg University, Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, Sorbonne University in Paris, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Geneva, the University of Milan, and the University of Warsaw. We're thrilled to launch the 4EU+ Student Ambassadors programme, designed to:

  • foster student interaction,

  • boost student centred-communication,

  • and build a strong 4EU+ student community.

What are we looking for?

We aim to select 16 dedicated students—2 from each member university—to be the face and voice of 4EU+. You will help us intensify communication to raise awareness, encourage student engagement in specific 4EU+ activities, and contribute to a growing, interactive student community. This role offers a significant training opportunity, equipping you with skills and experiences that will be invaluable in your academic and professional journey.

What activities and projects can you engage in?

You can play an important role in amplifying the mission and objectives of the 4EU+ Alliance. Through both formal and informal channels, you can advocate for active student participation in 4EU+ activities and opportunities, highlighting both the concrete benefits and the general value of being part of the 4EU+ community.

The way you carry your role as a 4EU+ Student Ambassador can be tailored to your skills, personal strengths and interests. Your activities and projects may include:

  • Creating digital content across multiple platforms —ranging from social media posts, videos or podcasts to complete communication campaigns—to bolster the Alliance's online visibility.

  • Organizing or participating in promotional events to raise awareness about the 4EU+ Alliance within various circles.

  • Collecting and disseminating testimonials or feedback from students involved in 4EU+ activities.

  • Conducting student contests, such as science slams or a contest to create a 4EU+ student motto or design 4EU+ branded gadgets, to stimulate student interest and engagement.

  • Representing the Alliance in academic settings, like lectures, and networking with student organizations and student unions.

  • Engaging in the 4EU+ Votes Europe campaign to help mobilize young voters for the upcoming European elections, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement.

Who is eligible?

To be a suitable candidate for the 4EU+ Student Ambassador role, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Passion for communication: regardless of your field of study, a strong interest in communication - both written and verbal - is crucial.

  • Language skills: fluency in English is essential for communication with fellow ambassadors and the wider 4EU+ community. Knowledge of other languages spoken at 4EU+ universities is a plus.

  • You must be currently enrolled as a BA, MA, or PhD student at one of the eight 4EU+ member universities. You should not graduate until at least June 2024.

Aside from the mandatory requirements, these are the extra qualities we would love to see:

  • Social media proficiency: experience with creating engaging profiles, existing social media presence,

  • Soft skills: strong interpersonal and organisational skills,

  • Extra-curricular involvement: active participation in student associations, clubs, or experience with event planning,

  • Prior experience with 4EU+ or other cross-cultural experience,

  • A basic understanding of the objectives behind the European Universities initiative and other EU programmes in the domain of higher education.

We welcome applications from students of all disciplines. Applications from diverse backgrounds and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

What’s in it for you?

  • Skill development: you will have access to training sessions covering various areas like media production, social media management, intercultural communication, and public speaking, fostering both your professional and personal growth.

  • International collaboration: you will develop impactful projects with peers from diverse backgrounds across the 4EU+ universities.

  • Networking and cross-cultural exchange: your role will offer numerous avenues for networking and foster enriching cross-cultural interactions.

  • Travel and educational opportunities: you will participate in exclusive events like the 4EU+ Student Ambassadors Bootcamp and you will also gain first-hand information on various educational opportunities within the Alliance.

  • Certification: those who successfully complete the programme will receive a certificate acknowledging their commitment and contributions.

  • Training recognition: the position may be recognized as a training activity for students whose study plan permits it, with an estimated commitment of 15 hours per month (the exact time commitment can be agreed upon individually).

Please note that this role is on a volunteer basis and not intended as a form of employment. However, specific tasks, like hosting a 4EU+ stand at events, may be remunerated based on your university's practices. We're mindful of student commitments and academic responsibilities, and we seek to ensure that the activities related to the programme remain manageable and complement your studies.

How to apply?

Your application to become 4EU+ Student Ambassador should include:

  • Resume/CV: your CV should outline your educational background, extracurricular activities, work experience and other relevant qualifications.

  • Project proposal: please submit a concept or idea you would like to implement or be involved in as a 4EU+ Student Ambassador. While you can present your proposal in a written format, we especially appreciate submissions in the form of a short video. You can also opt for a presentation or any other creative medium. Be creative!

  • Optional social media links: to showcase your digital communication skills and online presence, we encourage you to include links to your social media profiles or any accounts you manage.

We are looking for creative and innovative ideas that align with the Alliance's mission and values. Your proposal should demonstrate your ability to make a meaningful impact while being realistic and feasible within the given timeframe and resources.

Please submit all required documents to by 12 November 2023. Use "Student Ambassadors" as the subject of the email.

By applying for the 4EU+ Student Ambassadors programme, I acknowledge and consent to my data being processed in accordance with GDPR policies. For more information on the processing and protection of personal data at Charles University in connection with the 4EU+ agenda, please click here.

Selection criteria and process

The selection process will be carried out in two steps: first a shortlist of candidates will be selected based on their resumés/CVs, secondly their submitted projects will be evaluated according to the criteria detailed below.

1. A shortlist of candidates will be selected according to the following:


Proof of English language and other languages proficiency: Please detail in you resumé/CV any certificate of Language proficiency you may hold, if you have passed foreign language exams/tests or if you are enrolled in a study programme taught in English.


Motivation and skills connected to the role of Student Ambassador. Please detail in your resumé/CV your skills in communication, your social media proficiency-engagement, your extra-curricular involvement in student life and prior experience with 4EU+ or other cross-cultural experiences.

2. The projects of the shortlisted candidates will be assessed according to the following criteria:


Originality and creativity in finding new ways to communicate on the 4EU+ Alliance and its educational activities: up to 5 points


Pertinence to the 4EU+ Alliance vision and values, as presented here: up to 5 points


Engagement potential for students of the 4EU+ member universities: up to 5 points


  • 2 October 2023: The call opens

  • 12 November 2023: Application deadline

  • November 2023: Potential interviews with candidates; announcement of results

  • November/December 2023: Online kick-off meeting

  • December 2023- April 2024: Various training sessions to help Student Ambassadors develop their skills, knowledge and enhance their projects. Simultaneously, ambassadors will commence their promotional activities and projects.

  • Spring 2024: 4EU+ Student Ambassadors Bootcamp (on-site). This event will serve as a platform for showcasing achievements, exchanging ideas, and planning joint activities and initiatives.

  • Summer 2024: Conclusion of the programme and evaluation

  • Continuation: Student ambassadors who successfully complete the programme in 2023/2024 will be encouraged to continue their involvement in the next academic year.

For any queries or additional information, please contact .

Don’t miss the chance to shape the future of the 4EU+ community. Become one of the 4EU+ Student Ambassadors! 

4EU+ Student Ambassadors flyer (PDF)