Successful Summer School in Oncology: Empowering future cancer researchers

On 2-5 July 2023 the highly anticipated Summer School "4EU+ Against Cancer" took place in the picturesque setting of Mariánské Lázně in the Czech Republic.

On 2-5 July 2023, the highly anticipated Summer School "4EU+ Against Cancer" took place in the picturesque setting of Mariánské Lázně in the Czech Republic.

Led by esteemed academics from Charles University, Masaryk University, Sorbonne University, and the University of Warsaw, this event brought together aspiring researchers and experts in the field of oncology. The National Institute for Cancer Research (NICR) contributed a team of esteemed scientists, including Prof. Aleksi Šedo from Charles University, Prof. Ahmed Idbaih from Sorbonne University, and Dr. Catherine Suski-Grabowski from the University of Warsaw, who expertly prepared and led the school programme, many of whom also actively engaged in the event. The objective of this collaborative effort between the 4EU+ Alliance and NICR was to foster a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences among participants, with plans already in motion to continue this partnership in 2024 at Sorbonne University.

The Summer School welcomed international researchers, teachers, and members from 4EU+ universities, who graciously shared their expertise through enlightening lectures and engaging interactions with the students. Held in Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic, this idyllic location provided a serene backdrop for scholarly exchange and collaboration. Notably, the costs of participation for selected students were entirely covered by their respective 4EU+ universities, ensuring equal access to this valuable educational opportunity.

Katherine, a participant from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, passionately spoke about her love for oncology and how it aligns with her interest in cell biology. She expressed her deep appreciation to the organizers for hosting such an exceptional event.


Katherine, from 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University

"I have a strong desire to contribute to the understanding and potential cure of cancer in the future. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to connect with fellow students and industry experts in the field."


Likewise, Alexander from the University of Warsaw expressed his gratitude for being a part of the Summer School. He emphasized the incredible value of interacting with individuals from various disciplines and attending captivating lectures. He expressed his sincere appreciation for the enriching experience the Summer School provided.


Alexander from the University of Warsaw

"The interdisciplinary nature of this event has allowed me to broaden my perspectives and establish meaningful connections with like-minded peers."


The Summer School "4EU+ Against Cancer" undoubtedly achieved its goal of empowering future cancer researchers. By bringing together experts, educators, and motivated students, it created a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences in the multifaceted realm of oncology. The event's success was evident in the enthusiasm and gratitude expressed by the attendees, who departed Mariánské Lázně with newfound inspiration and a strengthened commitment to combating cancer.

As the Summer School concluded, the legacy of this event lives on, with plans already underway to continue this joint venture between 4EU+ and NICR in 2024 at Sorbonne University. The collaboration between these esteemed institutions promises to further advance the understanding and treatment of cancer, nurturing the next generation of oncology professionals who will undoubtedly shape the future of cancer research and care.

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