Upcoming events

Europa Universalis working group to gather in Prague

Europa Universalis working group, bringing together academics from Charles University, Sorbonne University and University of Warsaw, will meet at CU on 4-6 April to discuss the organisation of a series of intensive seminars for BA and MA students centred around the topic “European city: heritage and cultural identity”.

The intensive seminars, due to be held on an annual basis, will be conducted by academic teachers from the three institutions. They will be hosted alternately in Warsaw and Prague.

Each seminar will address multiple aspects related to heritage, cultural identity and multiculturalism in urban centres through the lens of the seminar’s host city: in the case of Warsaw, it will be the post-war (re)construction, changes in the urban space brought about by the Second World War destruction and totalitarian ideas of rebuilding the city. The topic of the European city will be approached by specialists from various disciplines: history, history of art, archaeology, cultural studies, cultural anthropology, sociology, geography, and others, thus gradually constructing an interdisciplinary perspective.

The seminars will be of 3- to 5-day duration and will involve traditional lectures, case study exercises and group sessions. The programme will be complemented by guided walks and visits in the city. In course of the seminar, the students will analyse documents and archival sources as well as social, architectural and artistic practices of the times.

Apart from providing space for pedagogical innovation and a platform for promoting collaborative teaching, learning and plurality of perspectives, the seminars introduce a new, interdisciplinary approach to the research on cultures. Within a few years, the Europa Universalis project team will develop the canon of European Research that could serve as basis for the design of the 4EU+ European Culture(s) study programme.

For more information about “Europa Universalis” and to express interest in joining the project team, please contact Dr Jerzy Pysiak, Faculty of History, University of Warsaw: .

2nd API project meeting

On 25-26 April, the API project team will gather at Charles University for their second meeting. The participants will be making final preparations for the API workshop on joint innovative teaching and learning toolbox, to take place in late June 2019. The meeting in Prague marks the end of the project’s preparatory stage and the beginning of the key phase of development and organisation of common tools, materials, teaching methods and state-of-the-art educational resources for students.

“Academic Partnership for Innovation in Teaching and Learning” (API) project is funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) and aims to support innovative student-centred teaching and learning at 4EU+ partner universities. Learn more about the API project

Choirs' Spring at University of Warsaw

8- 12 May 2019

Student choirs from 4EU+ universities will perform together during the 3rd edition of the University of Warsaw’s choir music festival 'Wiosna Chórów na UW' (the Choirs´ Spring), to be held in May. Most of the 4EU+ choirs have already registered to take part in this event, including Sorbonne, Heidelberg and Charles Universities. This is a great opportunity to inaugurate the musical cooperation of the 4EU+ Alliance.

7th 4EU+ Steering Committee meeting in Prague focused on Research

23 May 2019, Charles University, Prague

On 23 May 2019, the Vice-Rectors and Vice-Presidents of the 4EU+ Alliance will hold their 7th in-person meeting at Charles University in Prague.

The meeting will be devoted to the further development of 4EU+ research projects under Flagship Programmes, shared access to research infrastructure at 4EU+ institutions, cooperation of doctoral schools and technology transfer offices under the 4EU+ Alliance.

“4EU+ against cancer” official project launch at Sorbonne University

On 13-14 June 2019, Sorbonne University will host the first official meeting of the “4EU+ against cancer” project. Coordinated by Prof. dr. hab. med. Serge Uzan (Director of the University Institute of Oncology, Sorbonne University), the project aims at furthering collaboration at the education, research and clinical care levels through:

  • organisation of regular multidisciplinary thematic meetings,

  • development of joint research project proposals,

  • exchange programmes for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners.

The June meeting is organised by Dr Ahmed Idbaih (Sorbonne University) and Dr Catherine Suski Grabowski (University of Warsaw).