Truth and Untruth Workshop. Transmissions of memories of war

On 4 - 5 November 2022, an interdisciplinary PhD workshop "Truth and Untruth Workshop. Transmissions of memories of war" organized by a group of students from Charles University, Sorbonne University and the University of Warsaw took place in Prague.

The event that was supported by a Charles University 4EU+ student mini-grant consisted of presentations and discussions among young scholars that tackled mainly the transmission of memories of war. Invited scholars presented their research on this topic in different media, such as oral/family history, museums, literature, film, the arts, news media, et cetera, with a focus on the kitschification of the past.

"From an academic point of view, we would venture to say that the general level of the participants’ projects, as well as the excellent roundtable and keynote speaker, were of high quality and, in general, were in step with the topics with which we wanted to engage: transmissions of memories of war utilizing the tools of kitsch, cliché and nostalgia. The interdisciplinarity of memory studies facilitated a genuinely fascinating combination of fields that both spoke to each other and, at times, not - which only fed creative thinking and further cooperation" comments Rose Smith, coordinator fo the project from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.

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