4EU+ student start-up community initiated in Prague

On 10 and 11 November 2022, Prague hosted the 1st 4EU+ Tomorrow’s Research and Science Innovation in student start-ups, an event in which students, entrepreneurs and student start-up funders from the 4EU+ universities gathered to exchange ideas, information and experience.

The event was fully organized by a group of students from Charles University, Heidelberg University and the University of Milan and supported by a Charles University 4EU+ student mini-grant. The organizational team managed to bring together inspiring speakers from our universities and initiate a network of like-minded people interested in developing original start-up ideas.

Speakers discussed the opportunities and possibilities that exist in each university for supporting students' ideas and talked about their own experiences in establishing their start-ups. They displayed to the students that no idea is great from the start; ideas improve over time as they interact with potential customers/users and collaborators. Students collaborated as a team, discussed how to connect the problem and the solutions, practised developing their own ideas, and had their presentations evaluated by expert mentors.

The event provided a great networking opportunity and the participants agreed that it was only a first step in forming a community that will remain active and organize similar events and workshops. Dr. Julien Levallois, the Managing Director of the Science Innovation Hub at the Faculty of Science of UNIGE, summarizes: "It was a great pleasure to participate in the 4eu+S tudent Start-ups meeting. It was a unique opportunity to meet colleagues, entrepreneurs, and students from the alliance partner universities and to share our different experiences. I look forward to hosting the next meeting in Geneva next year!"

Find out more on the 4EU+ Start-ups: website