Research Meets Practice: Visual Communication and PR in Cultural Institutions

The team specializing in visual communication and public relations in cultural institutions, esp. museums and galleries, supported by a CU mini-grant, organized two joint events at the Charles University (25 May 2022) and at the University of Warsaw (15 June 2022). Both one day sessions included lectures of the team members, interactive sessions, and workshops with a PR practitioner from two selected prominent local cultural institutions (Prague City Gallery and Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw), as well as panel discussions with other academics and artists invited to participate. Approx. 25-30 Bachelor, Master and PhD students interested in the topic attended each session and participated in fruitful discussions.

During the stays in Prague and Warsaw the team members also met to discuss and brainstorm further plans and sustainability of the cooperation. The goal to share and exchange knowledge in the emerging visual PR area by bridging scholarly research and practice was met and continues within the further developing cooperation of the team members.

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