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TRAIN4EU+ Webinar: Transfer from academia to business and society (27 November)

TRAIN4EU+ Webinar: Transfer from academia to business and society (27 November)

The webinar will bring together representatives of 4EU+ member universities, European Commission officials and socio-economic partners to discuss and demonstrate how academia can successfully interact with the business sector and society. The event is organised by Sorbonne University TRAIN4EU+ and 4EU+ local team, and will be held on the 27 November 2023 (9:30 - 13:00), fully online.

Organised in the framework of the TRAIN4EU+ project by the team of Work Package 4: Linking citizens-academia-business (led by Sorbonne University), this webinar aims to showcase the effectiveness of the link between academia and business based on the experience of 4EU+ Alliance’s collaboration with its socio-economic partners. The event will also provide an opportunity to examine the academia-business transfer through thematic approaches.

The programme will include:

  • a success story session showcasing existing academia to business transfers in the 4EU+ member universities;

  • contributions from distinguished keynote speakers who will share their perspectives on and insights into the transfer in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), entrepreneurship education and collaboration with SMEs.


Registration to the webinar

The registrations for this webinar are now open via the link bellow.


Target audience

  • academic and administrative staff members from Sorbonne University and other 4EU+ member universities;

  • representatives of other European University alliances.

More information

If you would like to find out more about the webinar, please contact Yoann Haettich (EUROPE Project Manager, Research and Innovation Department, Sorbonne University): .