4EU+ Shared Courses WS 2022

University of Geneva

Attend one or both of the two online courses offered by the University of Geneva, new member of the 4EU+ alliance, and experience the 4EU+ virtual mobility!

List of courses

Course title (click to see the course description and more information)





Level of study


Chemical Biology




BA3, MA- students with scientific background in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and/or equivalent (students will be asked to complete a survey attesting basic knowledge in sciences)

19 September - 23 December (6 hours/week)

Introduction to Programming



French with English subtitles


19 September - 23 December (4 hours/week


Registration deadline: 14 September 2022

The courses start in the week of 19 September.

Registration procedure

  1. When choosing the course they want to attend, students are required to check the course prerequisites as well as the language requirements before enrolling. Students are then asked to check the possibility of recognition in advance with the study coordinators at their home university. If the course cannot be recognised as part of their degree programme, students can still follow the course for no credits.

  2. Before sending their applications, students need to get in touch with the 4EU+ coordinator at their university, in order to complete the 4EU+ Learning Agreement document.

    • Charles University:

    • Heidelberg University:

    • Sorbonne University:

    • Faculty of art and humanities:

    • Faculty of science and engineering:

    • Faculty of medecine:

    • University of Milan:

    • University of Warsaw:

  3. Student applications need to be sent via email to by 14 September. The email must contain the following elements:

    • Name and email address

    • Latest transcript of record

    • 4EU+ Learning Agreement completed and signed (see step 2)

  4. Then, students will be contacted by the 4EU+ coordinator in Geneva, who will inform them about the registration process at the UNIGE and how to participate in the course.

  5. Important: Please note that course admission is based on a "first come, first served" principle.

Contact information

Contact person for more information:

Mélanie Poy -

Welcome Session

An online Welcome Session will take place on Wednesday 21 September 2022 for the students registered in a Virtual Exchange course at the University of Geneva. During this session, we will provide information to students about the university, the course(s), the people of contact, and will answer their questions. It will also be an opportunity for them to meet other international students participating in the programme.