"Visual Literacy: Understanding Images across Europe - Past and Present": student testimonials

The concluding workshop of the 4EU+ course "Visual Literacy: Understanding Images across Europe - Past and Present" took place in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on 5 and 6 June 2022. Read the nice words that students participating in the course wrote about their experience!

Luca Baldo, student of the University of Milan:

„I would like to thank you once again for organizing the module, and for all the support you gave us students throughout its progress. When thinking about the main benefits of the module, my mind goes to the variety of artifacts we examined both in conversatory and tutorial classes. Many of these objects would have likely remained unknown to me if I hadn't the chance to attend this module. Furthermore, such artifacts were not only introduced as cultural framings of certain periods, but also explored in their links with the present time (e.g. Folk Art and Modernism, Fontana and Leonardo, Emblems and Surrealism, etc.) in a thought-provoking way. "Actually, all art is contemporary", and "the works of art are always live", as an Italian artist once said. Of course, as a student of art history, I consider all the visits to the museums and galleries during the workshops really profitable to me. Besides the effects on my career, it was a beautiful life experience.”

Ennio Gualtieri, student of the University of Milan:

“I am very glad to have taken part to the ambitious project of Visual Literacy and what’s more, to have been leaded from my tutor Kamila Dworniczak. My impressions are positive both for method and for timing. I mean that meeting with foreign students has been powerfully to my formation and also to exchange opinion and objectives. Having the chance to read some very unique pages of literature, trying to explain what any photos taken from my camera meant to me. I appreciated a lot being part of Kamila Dworniczak’s group because she gave us patiently every suggestion to be more precise and competitive with all art experience. It was a fully positive year and I want really to tell you It was a fortune to be one of the participants.”

Magdalena Karczewska, student of the University of Warsaw:

“Firstly, I would like to thank the project coordinator and all other tutors for organising the project. The module has significantly influenced my scientific interests and broadened my understanding of its subject matter. I thoroughly enjoyed both the classes, and the trips to Milan and Prague. I am very grateful for my tutor, dr. Kamila Dworniczak, and her endless support.”

Adéla Hanzálková, student of Charles University:

“I would like to thank you for the great opportunity and experience provided by the entire Visual Literacy module. In a nutshell, I really appreciate the width of topics, that were discussed during the conversatory classes. Mainly during the tutorial, I learned a lot of new things, especially to follow other aspects of the artwork than I was used to before (e.g. focusing on frames, details etc…). It was a great pleasure!"