Students take an active role in designing 4EU+ digital platforms

Following a series of online workshops where representatives of 4EU+ students and academics involved in the Flagships shared their vision of the Student Portal and its expected functionalities, Sorbonne University invited stakeholders to Paris to meet in person and take the process of creation of this key component of the future 4EU+ digital platform one step further.

As the name suggests, the 4EU+ Student Portal will be a platform mainly intended for students to learn about mobility opportunities and joint educational offer, providing the necessary space to build a community of 4EU+ students and staff.

The workshop was held on 19 and 20 May 2022 and was structured using the battle-proven Design Thinking methodology. During its course, students had the opportunity to share their perspectives and experience from participating in 4EU+ courses and activities and think further about the needs the tool shall fulfil. During the first day of the workshop, they presented the ideal student journey in pursuing 4EU+ activities, starting from learning about the offer and having clear means to enrol in it, and ending by sharing their experience with other students.

The second day of the interactive workshop brought together the students, academics, and educational experts who, in mixed groups, worked on prototyping three core elements of the site: course catalogue, mobility landing page, and space dedicated to community-building. The outputs of the collaborative efforts were handed over to the team of IT experts from the University of Warsaw who will be responsible for the portal development.

The whole of the 4EU+ community is looking forward to seeing the Student Portal online and functioning. Starting October 2022, a series of prototypes will start seeing the light of day and the dev team will call upon the community to act as beta testers, so stay tuned for further announcements on our channels!