4EU+ students report from the European Student Assembly in Strasbourg

On 3 and 4 March in Strasbourg, the inaugural session of European Student Assembly took place gathering 275 students from 38 out of 41 European universities alliances. It has been held as a part of Conference for the Future of Europe events. The main purpose of the event was to create bridges between students from different European countries, enhance the cooperation between them but also to come up with the policy proposal for the European Commission in 10 different areas, each one of them formulated by a dedicated panel.

4EU+ has been represented there by 5 students - Marta Lis (panel 3 - facilitator) and Anna Klein (Panel 8) from Heidelberg University, Teresa Colagera (panel 7) and Youssef Siher (Panel 6) from University of Milan and Julia Kostro (panel 10 - facilitator) from University of Warsaw.

The inaugural session of the European Student Assembly was a unique opportunity to connect between students from different European Universities Alliances and address the concrete actions that can be undertaken by the European institutions to overcome the present challenges. In the closing remarks of the conference it has been stated that students should establish an official body based on the model of ESA, because it created a chance to find common ground on the most important issues and what’s more valuable - determine solutions that can be implemented.