CU Rector Milena Králíčková takes inaugural oath in the presence of representatives of all 4EU+ universities

On 3 March 2022, former 4EU+ Flagship 1 co-leader Professor Milena Králíčková was officially inaugurated to the position of Rector of Charles University. Representatives of all 4EU+ member universities as well as the 4EU+ Secretary General were present at the ceremony.

Professor Milena Králíčková succeeds Professor Tomáš Zima who served as the Rector of Charles University from 2014 for two consecutive terms. In his speech, now Rector Emeritus mentioned the establishment of the 4EU+ Alliance as one of the main achievements of his term.

"4EU+ is much more than just a project; it represents the creation of a joint campus, the joint management and creation of common study programmes at all levels of study, and joint research teams. In doing so, not only were we fulfilling the wishes of our founder, but are also creating new facilities and a new environment for more than 40 500 students, almost 10 000 of whom are from abroad, and over 9 000 employees."

For the new Rector Milena Králíčková, who is the first ever female rector of Charles University, further development of the 4EU+ Alliance remains of the strategic priorities. As a former Vice-Rector for Education, she was one of the leading figures who shaped the collaboration in education within the Alliance from the beginning of the process. Being a scientist in the field of Histology and Embryology, she was also one of the three co-leaders of 4EU+ Flagship 1: Health and demographic change in an urban environment. Milena Králíčková will be the new representative of Charles University in the 4EU+ Governing Board where she can draw on her rich experience from different 4EU+ bodies.

Representatives of the 4EU+ Alliance with the new Rector of Charles University.

Zygmunt Lalak (Vice-Rector for Reasearch at the University of Warsaw), Hans-Georg Kräusslich (Heidelberg University), Hedvig Gyde Thomsen (University of Copenhagen), Milena Králíčková (Rector of Charles University), Maria Pia Abbracchio (Vice-Rector for Reasearch at the University of Milan), Lenka Rovná (Member of the Rector's Board for 4EU+ at Charles University), Guillaume Fiquet (Vice-President for International Relations at Sorbonne University), Isabelle Kratz (4EU+ Secretary General)

More than 400 attendees were present at the inauguration ceremony in the Great Hall of Carolinum and the 4EU+ representatives took a place of honour next to the members of the new rector’s team. Milena Králíčková received the insignia of office and symbols of rights and duties, i.e. the seal, the key, the Rector's ring and the Rector’s gold medal, from Tomáš Zima. “The medal is an expression of the dignity of the highest academic office of Charles University and the chain represents the weight and responsibility of the Rector's office," Vice-Rector Kuklík explained. Then Professor Milena Králíčková took the oath of office, subsequently presenting the outgoing rector Tomáš Zima with a gold commemorative medal for his exceptional contribution to Charles University and the promotion of its good name at home and abroad.

In her inaugural speech, Rector Milena Králíčková also followed tradition, speaking of her career-long professional and scientific focus: histology and embryology, overlapping with a clinical specialisation in gynecology and obstetrics. In view of the current international situation, she discussed the role that universities play in broader society and presented her vision for the university over the next four years.