4EU+ Responses to the war in Ukraine

Joint statement of the 41 Alliances of European Universities on the conflict situation in Ukraine

4EU+ Alliance expresses solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens

4EU+ member universities offering help and assistance

All 4EU+ member universities not only condemn the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s Russia and express solidarity with Ukraine. Our university communities are mobilized and work to provide support and assistance to students and staff affected by the conflict and welcome Ukrainian refugees. Students and academics also organize various donations and events in support of Ukraine and its people.

Charles University has launched a related webpage providing information, ways to help as well as helplines for students and others in need because of the current conflict. Psychology students offer daily crisis counselling services in several languages on a special telephone line. There is also a possibility of accommodation at the dormitories for students or staff and their families from conflict-affected areas.

In view of the ongoing armed conflicts in Ukraine, Heidelberg University regards itself as responsible for supporting the students, doctoral candidates and researchers affected by this Russian war of aggression. In order to be able to provide non-bureaucratic assistance, Heidelberg University has set up a donation account and is grateful for every contribution made by the members and friends of the university. The university offers assistance to refugees aiming to begin a course of study in Heidelberg, to continue their studies or to take up a research post at the university after having had to leave Ukraine, Russia or Belarus.

In this difficult period, Sorbonne University is fully mobilized to provide assistance to students and staff affected by this conflict and who express the need, in particular via the emergency and material aid, medical and psychological support from the institution.

University of Copenhagen has joined other Danish universities in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and suspending cooperation with Russia and Belarus. A wide range of researchers with expertise in, for example, international politics and security, as well as Russia and Ukraine share their insights about the situation. The students have initiated a donation campaign “UCPH for Ukraine” in support of the civilians of Ukraine.

The University of Milan firmly condemned war and called for peace negotiations, along with the Conference of Italian Rectors (CRUI) and the RuniPace network. Moreover, the University is actively and concretely engaged in supporting Ukrainian refugees, academics and students in various ways. As to students, a call for applications for 20 scholarships worth €6,000 each has been issued. The Call addresses students enrolled at the University of Milan and Ukrainian citizens who intend to continue or begin studies at the University of Milan in the 2022/2023 a.y. (Deadline of the Call: 29th of April). The University also grants financially challenged Ukrainian students a temporary waiver of tuition and accommodation fees with currently available places in the halls of residence having been set aside for both, Ukrainian students enrolled at the University of Milan and those from Ukrainian universities. Attention is also being paid to the students of non-Ukrainian citizenship that in recent weeks have applied for transfer from Ukrainian universities to the University of Milan. With regard to academics, as a member of the international network "Scholars at Risk" (SAR) and its Italian chapter SAR-Italia, the University of Milan issued a call for applications for 4 positions of Visiting at-risk scholars financed by internal funds to welcome lecturers and researchers as visiting professors. The university has additionally set up a Ukraine emergency helpdesk and various Departments are organising public events and seminars on the conflict.

Poland is receiving more refugees than any other country and the University of Warsaw is most affected among our member institutions and its community is very actively involved in providing help and support to people migrating from Ukraine. Social and psychological support, free legal assistance and a range of other opportunities is offered to Ukrainian students and doctoral candidates. The University of Warsaw also launches the emergency collection to help provide humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees.