What causes cancer: Risk factors and mechanisms

4EU+ What causes cancer from Lékařská fakulta v Plzni on Vimeo.

The lecture What causes cancer: Risk factors and mechanisms, prepared as a part of Flasghip 1 campaign, covers in 1.5 hours the most important risk factors of various cancers and how these risk factors cause malignant transformation through mutations and epigenetic mechanisms. Both parts are approximately equally long and can be viewed separately. Several original papers are referred to for further reading.

Prof. Kari Hemminki is from 2020 European Research Area Chair of Translational Oncology at Charles University, Pilsen. He is Emeritus Professor in Molecular Genetic Epidemiology in German Cancer Research Center (Heidelberg) and University of Heidelberg. Earlier he was Profesor at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki. He has published over 1300 scientific articles.